Custom Zcar

Hi....My name is Geoff and this is my Z car....this site will be dedicated to all the Nissan Z cars produced from 1969 to 1989...paying particular attention to Customised examples of this fine machine. Here in Australia My car is reasonably rare...with only 200 sold in 1989...and the retail price at the time was close to 70000 Australian Dollars....Follow the links from the left hand menu.

Note: If you are after a pair of European turning lenses contact me via email. 




   Custom Zcar  
what a nice pic!




Other attractions include pic galleries of Race Cars & Race girls taken by me when traveling to local race meetings. Also I will be adding Other Z cars who would like to be part of this site....if you have a custom Zcar send me some good quality pics along with your Specs and I'll add you .

Webmasters can contact me via email to be added to the link list


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